This could be the best time to order your wedding equipment for 2021/22

How to save £1,000’s on your Wedding day hire 


In this article, we reveal the truth regarding the state of the Wedding Industry and how you can use this to your advantage.


If your wedding date is in 2021/22 then this could be the best time to order your wedding day accessories.


As we all know, the wedding industry has been shut down since the first Lockdown happened.


Unfortunately, many couples saw the day they were dreaming of postponed or canceled altogether.


The majority of weddings from 2020 are postponing until winter 2020 at the very earliest, with 2021 being the safest option.


Further government announcements and restrictions of no more than 15 guests and no evening party means the industry is pretty much shutting down.


With this in mind, most brides and grooms are choosing to hold off purchasing anything wedding related… but this could be to their detriment


Let me tell you why…


As a wedding day supplier, we have links to nearly 100 trade partners throughout the UK.


Many wedding suppliers we have spoken to are really struggling at the minute and are choosing to take 2nd jobs to make ends meet. We have heard of another two just yesterday.


Combine struggling suppliers with couples continuing to hold off purchasing – this means an even bigger drop in demand for suppliers.


This creates a buyers market


With suppliers struggling, prices are coming down, offers are more generous, and now is the time you should be looking to secure good deals.


You as the buyer have the advantage… do not miss this opportunity!



There is also an unfortunate sense of urgency.


As a wedding supplier, a double wedding season is on the horizon for 2021/22.


Most smaller suppliers can only accommodate a couple of weddings per day.


Many brides that have recently come on-board with us have lost suppliers when changing their date and have struggled to find new ones.



As a wedding supplier ourselves, we are covering the shortfall for many of our trade partners because we are able to handle as many weddings as we want, on any given day.


This isn’t the case for most.


This means that smaller companies aren’t able to offer flexibility in their pricing structure


Your local dance floor supplier who does it in his spare time and is having to source other means of work probably isn’t the safest option, given the times…


A large company with the backing of 100’s of brides is a much smarter play.


So, find yourself a larger company that can accommodate you, save you money, and give you the security you are looking for.


At Sweet Brothers Events, we have just launched a massive 40% discount on all orders.


This offer literally saves couples in the region of £500 – £1000 on their hire.


Check out our full brochure out here.


How do you find companies with offers on?


Unfortunately, it may not be as simple as you think…


Given the times, the ideal scenario for suppliers would be that business continues as normal


Not all companies will advertise their offers and flexibility in pricing if you organically “walk through their door”.




Because they have families to feed too – if they think you will accept a higher price, why would they bother?


So, what can you do?




Ask is all you can do… and if the price isn’t good enough, the quote isn’t going anywhere.


The market is yours to wade through.


Always ask “What’s the best price you can do?”.


You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how powerful this simple phrase is.


Always compare quotes.


It may take some time to find the best deal, but there will be a point where you will have to weigh up price and quality.


Another thing you should do is take the cheapest quote you have had (providing the quality is good) and email that to all of your suppliers simply asking can they beat the quote?


Again you will be surprised at their answer. 


Always ask your suppliers for a video of their equipment – preferably of it in their storage unit, not the first time it was out and looks brand new.


You’d be surprised at how many suppliers do not care for their products like we do.


This will eliminate paying less for what you thought was a good product, but is actually of poor quality.


Click here to take advantage of our 40% discount today. 





  • Uncertainty and drop in demand has changed the wedding markets in your favour.
  • Waiting to secure your wedding items could be detrimental on both price and availability for your wedding.
  • Look for the backing of a big company wherever you can – you know they will survive the climate and have availability as well as movement on their price.
  • Always ask “What’s the best price you can do” if you can’t find any discount online.
  • Always ask for videos of the equipment you intend on hiring – if it’s too much hassle for them, they aren’t the right company for the biggest day of your life.
  • Enjoy the money you can save now, instead of spending more on the same equipment later.


Check out our full brochure below 

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