This could be the best time to order your wedding equipment for 2021/22

How to save £1,000’s on your Wedding day hire 


In this article, we reveal the truth regarding the state of the Wedding Industry and how you can use this to your advantage.


If your wedding date is in 2021/22 then this could be the best time to order your wedding day accessories.


As we all know, the wedding industry has been shut down since the first Lockdown happened.


Unfortunately, many couples saw the day they were dreaming of postponed or canceled altogether.


The majority of weddings from 2020 are postponing until winter 2020 at the very earliest, with 2021 being the safest option.


Further government announcements and restrictions of no more than 15 guests and no evening party means the industry is pretty much shutting down.


With this in mind, most brides and grooms are choosing to hold off purchasing anything wedding related… but this could be to their detriment


Let me tell you why…


As a wedding day supplier, we have links to nearly 100 trade partners throughout the UK.


Many wedding suppliers we have spoken to are really struggling at the minute and are choosing to take 2nd jobs to make ends meet. We have heard of another two just yesterday.


Combine struggling suppliers with couples continuing to hold off purchasing – this means an even bigger drop in demand for suppliers.


This creates a buyers market


With suppliers struggling, prices are coming down, offers are more generous, and now is the time you should be looking to secure good deals.


You as the buyer have the advantage… do not miss this opportunity!



There is also an unfortunate sense of urgency.


As a wedding supplier, a double wedding season is on the horizon for 2021/22.


Most smaller suppliers can only accommodate a couple of weddings per day.


Many brides that have recently come on-board with us have lost suppliers when changing their date and have struggled to find new ones.



As a wedding supplier ourselves, we are covering the shortfall for many of our trade partners because we are able to handle as many weddings as we want, on any given day.


This isn’t the case for most.


This means that smaller companies aren’t able to offer flexibility in their pricing structure


Your local dance floor supplier who does it in his spare time and is having to source other means of work probably isn’t the safest option, given the times…


A large company with the backing of 100’s of brides is a much smarter play.


So, find yourself a larger company that can accommodate you, save you money, and give you the security you are looking for.


At Sweet Brothers Events, we have just launched a massive 40% discount on all orders.


This offer literally saves couples in the region of £500 – £1000 on their hire.


Check out our full brochure out here.


How do you find companies with offers on?


Unfortunately, it may not be as simple as you think…


Given the times, the ideal scenario for suppliers would be that business continues as normal


Not all companies will advertise their offers and flexibility in pricing if you organically “walk through their door”.




Because they have families to feed too – if they think you will accept a higher price, why would they bother?


So, what can you do?




Ask is all you can do… and if the price isn’t good enough, the quote isn’t going anywhere.


The market is yours to wade through.


Always ask “What’s the best price you can do?”.


You’ll be pleasantly surprised at how powerful this simple phrase is.


Always compare quotes.


It may take some time to find the best deal, but there will be a point where you will have to weigh up price and quality.


Another thing you should do is take the cheapest quote you have had (providing the quality is good) and email that to all of your suppliers simply asking can they beat the quote?


Again you will be surprised at their answer. 


Always ask your suppliers for a video of their equipment – preferably of it in their storage unit, not the first time it was out and looks brand new.


You’d be surprised at how many suppliers do not care for their products like we do.


This will eliminate paying less for what you thought was a good product, but is actually of poor quality.


Click here to take advantage of our 40% discount today. 





  • Uncertainty and drop in demand has changed the wedding markets in your favour.
  • Waiting to secure your wedding items could be detrimental on both price and availability for your wedding.
  • Look for the backing of a big company wherever you can – you know they will survive the climate and have availability as well as movement on their price.
  • Always ask “What’s the best price you can do” if you can’t find any discount online.
  • Always ask for videos of the equipment you intend on hiring – if it’s too much hassle for them, they aren’t the right company for the biggest day of your life.
  • Enjoy the money you can save now, instead of spending more on the same equipment later.


Check out our full brochure below 

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How does Covid-19 affect your 2021 event date?


We hope you all are well given the current situation in the country.

We wanted to write a quick message to highlight the supply and demand issue we are having for 2021 events.

Many brides tick the venue off the list and sit back whilst they plan their dream wedding knowing they have 1 year+ to sort all of their suppliers out.

Weddings for the next 3 months at least have been rebooked, many brides have chosen a spring/ summer wedding and want that to remain, understandably. With the future of a summer wedding in 2020 looking bleak we are seeing 82% of our customers rescheduling for spring/ summer 2021.

Our main priority, of course, is to reschedule these bookings for 2021 as per our customer’s requirements.

But how does this affect your 2021 booking?

We first must point out that we are not the only supplier experiencing this surge in demand for 2021. Within our own business, we have rescheduled over 120 weddings. This sees 2021 set to be our busiest ever servicing over 420 weddings and counting.

Brides for 2021 would normally start to book their decor/ accessories/ florist etc towards the end of 2020/ beginning of 2021.

As our business next year is already 25% up on the previous year it does mean there may become stock shortages as the lockdown is prolonged. If the lockdown stands for the whole of the summer we would see our business for 2021double. This goes for all suppliers not just ourselves.

Understandably we are seeing 2021 brides and grooms begin to book our services as they realize that their preferred suppliers may not be available given that 2021 is going to be so busy with demand outstripping supply.

I hope this email does not scare you off as we still have ample availability for 2021, you may not be as lucky with smaller suppliers/ businesses.

So what should you do given the current climate?

This is a tricky question to answer. ??

There are a couple of different business models that I will highlight below.

1. Companies operate on £50 deposit the rest 30 days or 7 days before the event – these businesses are going to struggle. With such small capital upfront they will see alot of brides canceling the bookings altogether or deferring their booking to next year which means a year of no money from anyone.

Alot of companies operate this policy, one of the largest event suppliers in the UK operate no money to be paid until 7 days before the event – they are screwed (apart from the fact they are so big they have big cash reserves.

2. Companies tha operate stronger poilcies with 30 – 50% deposits upfront.

Don’t Get Scammed On Your Wedding Day


Are you WORRIED about your equipment hire?

Nervous you may have just PAID A SCAMMER?

Apprehensive as to whether a company is RELIABLE or LEGITIMATE?

Whether you answered YES or not, this video is definitely worth a watch if you’re planning a wedding or event.

We share with you 6 tips and tricks you can use to find LEGITIMATE COMPANIES, and what questions you can ask them so you can create PEACE OF MIND around your hire.

We also talk about Venue Recommended Suppliers, and why you should usually STEER CLEAR!

Lastly, you’ll discover a unique way to find yourself the BEST DEALS… remember, package deals means MORE VALUE for you.


Questions to Ask Suppliers

Top 3 Strategies to Get the Best Deal on Your Wedding Equipment and Avoid Fraudsters

Top 3 Strategies to Get the Best Deal on Your Wedding Equipment and Avoid Fraudsters

Top 3 Strategies to Get the Best Deal on Your Wedding Equipment and Avoid Fraudsters

Here Are My Top 3 Strategies to Get the Best Deal on Your Wedding Equipment and Avoid Fraudsters!

There are so many strategies I could share with you if you want to get the most VALUE FOR MONEY and RELIABILITY when booking your wedding equipment.

Right now, in this blog post – I’m gonna share my top 3 with you…

3 of my favourite strategies to find value for money and reliability in the wedding equipment marketplace…

Strategies that will give you the most RELIABLE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK on your wedding day.

Let us begin…

Reliable Value For Money Strategy #1: Compare Recommended Suppliers

For many people – budget is a headache that won’t go away.

For brides to be – it can not only dictate how you organise your wedding day, it can also crush your expectations.

Honestly, if you want to be able to get real value for money and have the wedding day you dreamt of – you need to compare against the suppliers your venue recommends.

Many people completely ignore the wedding equipment marketplace or don’t know where to start.

Consider the fact that once you’ve booked, the venue has YOUR BOOKING and YOUR TRUST… they are going to want to get the most out of you – a recipe for POOR VALUE FOR MONEY.

It’s also a recipe for inflated prices on your hire to make a healthy profit.

The venue gets the equipment at a cheaper rate from the supplier – a you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours type scenario… they both win, but YOU do not.

By simply comparing your quotes you are allowing yourself to receive MORE VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY.

That’s gotta be a good thing, right?

5 of the best ways to compare your equipment quotes

  • If your venue is supplying it, get a different company to quote for it
  • Get numerous quotes for the same product, from at least 5 different suppliers
  • Use THIS Quote Tracker
  • Properly analyse what’s included… are the quotes “like for like”
  • Understand that cheaper quotes are not always the BEST quotes

I’m guilty of being the kind of person that’s happy with the FIRST REASONABLE price I see – mainly because I’ve got piles of other stuff to sort out… but trust me, it can catch up with you.

To get the BEST DEALS, you need to look at what’s included, as well as price.

Some recommended suppliers seem competitively priced, but at a harmful effect to what’s included.

Try giving yourself at least an extra 10 minutes to focus your attention on getting the best possible deal you can, and use the 5 strategies above.

You’ll be a happier bride if you do.

And your partner will be happier too.

Reliable Value For Money Strategy #2: Always Look for Package Deals

There’s a whole load of popular wedding equipment on our website.

It’s all available to hire from the same company, here at Sweet Brothers Events.

This is in stark contrast to most of the other equipment hire companies on the market that specialise in only ONE or TWO THINGS.

So when you hire from Sweet Brothers Events – you know you’re hiring all of your equipment from the SAME, RELIABLE supplier.

That’s gotta be a good thing, right?

Here’s where things get even better…

The more you spend with one particular company, the MORE VALUE FOR MONEY you’re going to receive.

So here’s the strategy…

Find a few companies that offer ALL or MOST of the wedding equipment you’re interested in.

Use THIS Package Deals Tracker to compare the packages they offer you.

Click Here to contact us or leave your details below and price the wedding day package of your DREAMS…

For many brides to be – this is the SIMPLEST, quickest and easiest way to get more value for money when hiring equipment.

Reliable Value For Money Strategy #3: Find Out Who You Are Dealing With

I have 2 simple tips to help discover WHO you are really dealing with.

They’ll help you distinguish the fraudsters from legitimate companies.

Doing the groundwork will take just a few seconds.

You’ll never have to worry about the security of your hire.

Your partner will thank you for spending your money wisely.

The Tips are:

  • Find the company on COMPANIES HOUSE – Ask for the businesses registered name (not their trading name) if they’re listed, they’re legitimate.


  • Always check reviews – Facebook, Yell, Google… Reading about peoples past experiences is the best way to know a company BEFORE you deal with them.

I do both EVERY TIME I get a quote from a company I’ve never dealt with.

You might like to do that.


You can start with your wedding equipment today.

Either way – you’ll like the results.


3 Strategies to get the best deals on your wedding equipment and avoid fraudsters!

  • Always compare quotes – especially ones recommended to you by your venue
  • Always look for package deals – generally, the more you buy from 1 company the bigger discounts you will receive
  • Always know who you are dealing with – use COMPANIES HOUSE and Internet reviews to help gauge your future supplier.

I’ll talk to you soon…


Here’s the Truth Behind LED Dance Floors and How to Avoid Disaster

Here’s the Truth Behind LED Dance Floors and How to Avoid Disaster

Mr and Mrs light








When it comes to LED dance floors, there can’t be much to think about, right? Think again!

The fact is that if you dig below the shiny, twinkly surface, there’s actually lot to consider.

What you learn might shock you but you’ll never secure the dance floor of your dreams without uncovering the truth.

First, lets talk about…

Why it’s So Damn Important to Find the Right LED Dance Floor!

The dance floor is the centrepiece of your evening party.

It should help transform your room by making it look stunning and adding to the ambience… not to mention entice your guests to get up and dance.

Now, imagine this – it’s the biggest day of your life.

You’ve just got married, eaten your wedding breakfast, laughed (or cried) at speeches and you’re now about to step into your evening room.

Disaster strikes – your LED dance floor, the centrepiece of your room… is battered, scraped, dirty and most importantly – not all lit up.

You try to ask why but get told “the floor isn’t level, there’s nothing we can do – sorry!”.

In this blog post I’m going to outline what to look for, how to find it and most importantly – how to AVOID DISASTER on the biggest day of your life.

What is the LED Dance Floor and Why are They So Popular?

LED dance floors flooded the market in the late 2000’s – they’re an extremely popular addition to wedding and birthday parties alike.

Scattered with 100’s of LED lights, they emit opulence, create a fun atmosphere to dance in and help boost your rooms ambience.

Unfortunately, not all dance floors are made the same… something which most suppliers don’t want you to know.

The good news is that I’m going to uncover the truth below.

There are 2 main types of LED dance floors;

  • Wireless – Each panel connects and transfers power through COPPER CONNECTORS.
  • Wired – each panel connects and transfers power through WIRED CONNECTIONS.

Initially, we operated a wireless system because the cheaper price was just SO APPEALING.

We decided to ignore the advice of wired suppliers.

What a mistake that turned out to be…

Common Problems with Wireless LED Dance Floors

Honestly, if I could turn back time I’d do it solely to change my decision in this field.

You see here’s the thing…

Wireless dance floors can cause serious headaches.

The floor relies on power being transferred from panel to panel using copper connectors.

Wireless LED Dance Floors







If the copper connectors lose contact, the panel loses power and ultimately shuts down!

The biggest upset to a wireless system is uneven floor. Uneven floors make it hard for the copper connectors to touch properly – this means they can’t receive & transfer power and so WON’T LIGHT UP.

Thick carpet can also cause issues… where a person steps, the carpet compresses causing the copper connectors to lose contact.

If a panel loses contact, it will lose power and cut out.

From single or multiple panel failures to full dance floor outages, we experienced it all.

If a drink was spilt – outage.

Too many people dancing in one spot – outage

Kids jumping up and down on the dance floor – outages!

Room change around delays to change burnt out copper connectors.

So many things that can go wrong…

So many things that are OUT OF YOUR CONTROL.

Take CONTROL of your wedding right now and read below the solution to all this madness.

Why is a Wired Dance Floor Better?

Honestly, if you don’t want the wedding headache of your nightmares, you need to hire a wired dance floor.

Here at Sweet Brothers Events, we stock only the most RELIABLE WIRED dance floors.

Dance the night away without a worry in the world.

Fear not when your guests spill their drinks, toasting to your happiness.

Be grateful you won’t have to experience the pain of panel outages.

Be grateful that you read this article and asked the RIGHT QUESTIONS.

Here’s the thing, most operators think they have a wired dance floor… but in reality, they do not. There might even be the odd company that TELLS YOU it’s wired, but IT’S NOT.

All dance floors have a main wire to connect the control box to the first set of panels – otherwise there wouldn’t be power at all, but what truly defines a wired dance floor is WIRED LINKS between EACH PANEL.

Wired Dance Floors





Because the panels are daisy chained together, wired dance floors are more RELIABLE.

The wired link between each panel also means that uneven ground or thick carpet is never a problem.

You’ll never experience panel outages which means you can dance the night away, worry free.

If you are having a marquee wedding, I strongly recommend hiring a wired dance floor.

So how does the extra reliability impact price and availability?

Choosing the Right Sized Floor

Dance floors come in a range of sizes, usually starting at 10 x 10 right through to 20 x 20 and sometimes larger.

Although prices vary from supplier to supplier, you can expect to pay roughly £50-£75 more per 2 x 2 of wired floor.

A small price to pay for guaranteed reliability, wouldn’t you agree?

Be sure to check how much space you have available with your venue.

If your venue recommends a dance floor supplier, read this blog post about getting the most value from your money before you go ahead.

Next, you should now look at how many guests (roughly) are going to be attending your evening party. The number of guests generally determines what size to go for. It’s important to keep in mind that dance floors can be laid in rectangles as well as squares – 10 x 12, 12 x 14 etc.

Knowing this should allow you to make the most of your space if it isn’t entirely square.

Below is a rough guide to help you decide on a floor size.

Dance Floor Size





Now, you need to find a supplier.

There’s a couple of things to think about here…

Due to the nature of weddings usually being booked many months or years in advance, there are fraudsters out there who take advantage of this situation by taking deposits early on and then never showing up.

A company called Bridezillas in Morley, Leeds, did just that and were forced to cease trading after numerous complaints. Couples payed for a service, such as room dressings and Bridezillas NEVER DELIVERED. Click here to check out the BBC’s coverage of this story.

Of course, price is a major factor – you’re on a BUDGET and you want the BEST PRICE POSSIBLE.

However, I think it’s equally as important to know WHO you are dealing with.

Wedding equipment suppliers can range from Limited VAT registered to one-man bands who do it on the side for a bit of extra money.

I’m going to share with you 4 useful tips than will help you choose the right dance floor supplier for your event.

Tips that will ensure you DON’T put your money in the hands of FRAUDSTERS.

Tip #1 – Hire a Wired Dance Floor

Click here to contact us and get a price for our wired LED dance floor.

Wired floors are reliable and will never have panel outages.

We’re complimented a lot from DJ’s, venue staff etc… that our floor hadn’t cut out!

If you hire from a company with a WIRED dance floor LIKE US, you know they CARE about YOUR wedding.

You know that their equipment is going to be in GOOD CONDITION because they CARE about panels STAYING LIT UP throughout your event.

Tip #2 – Hire from Limited Companies

You can use Companies House to search for any limited company – all you need is their company number or proper company name.

If they’re listed, they’re legit.

Hiring from limited companies will eliminate your exposure to fraudsters.

This means you’ll have more time to worry about the finer details of your wedding.

Tip #3 – Try and See the Dance Floor in Person

If possible, ask to see the floor in person – if that’s not feasible, ask for pictures instead. 

There’s 2 advantages of doing this…

  • You get to see the supplier ACTUALLY HAS THE DANCE FLOOR.
  • You can see what condition it’s in. Although your wedding might not be for another few months or year, generally if the supplier keeps it in a good way now they will do so in the future.

Over time, dance floors become scratched and the CHEAPER dance floors on the market only have a WHITE SURFACE. This means that deep scratches reveal a lasting black underneath!

The last thing you want on your wedding day is for a tatty, scraped dance floor to be the centrepiece of your room.

Tip #4 – Check Reviews

As with anything, reviews are a great indication of WHO you are dealing with.

A good amount of reviews shows the company is reputable and generally reliable.

You could even message previous customers through Facebook and ask about their experience using the company.

You can download our free PDF checklist to help guide you through the process of hiring an LED dance floor.


The truth behind LED dance floors and how to avoid disaster!

  • Go wired – wireless systems can cause headaches you could do without
  • Choose a size relative to guest’s attending & space available at your venue
  • Hire from limited companies
  • Ask to see the dance floor in person or images
  • Check reviews

If you require any more information or would like some free advice, feel free to get in touch with us via our Facebook page or website.

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Speak to you soon.