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Terms & Conditions


These Terms & Conditions set out an agreement between the Hire Provider, Events for Less  (Events for less / us / we / our) and the person, organisation or company booking the equipment for hire from the Hire Provider (you / your).

The following conditions apply to the hire of any item and any other piece of equipment by us to you. In these conditions, the word 'Equipment' includes any item hired by us to you.

The terms of these conditions can only be altered with our written agreement and shall be subject to a £20 administrative fee per item. No condition contained in any booking form or other communication by you which is inconsistent with any of these conditions will be deemed to have been accepted unless we have agreed to your condition in writing.


  1. Acceptance of Quotation


    1. Once you have accepted our quotation either by:


  1. providing us with your bank details as set out in clause 1.2 below; or
  2. returning your booking form to us


you will automatically have entered into a binding contract with us pursuant to these terms and conditions.


    1. Once you have accepted our quotation, we will confirm your order in writing and take your bank card details. £1 will be charged to authorise payment which will be deducted from the balance of your order.


    1. You have 14 days to change your mind and cancel the contract for any reason. If you have already paid any instalments then you shall be entitled to a full refund less an administrative fee of £50 which will be deducted from your debit / credit card.


  1. Basis of Quotation

All quotations are made subject to the following:

    1. Hire charge quotes include delivery, setting up and dismantling hire equipment.


    1. The size and surface of the site are suitable for erection of the hire items.


    1. You have informed us of any drains, pipes, cables or other obstacles which might affect the site. You should note that you are responsible for repairing and making good any damage caused to the site by erection or dismantling of any equipment.


    1. The site must be cleared of all obstacles prior to delivery of our equipment. If we have to move any obstacles we will not be held liable for any damage as a result of this.


    1. You shall be liable for any additional costs or charges in the event that extra work or equipment outside the terms of a quotation is required, or the equipment is required or used for any period outside the period of hire. These charges will be deducted from your debit / credit card as applicable.



  1. Order Confirmation and Amendments



    1. Payment shall be made on the terms set out in the booking form.


    1. All fees must be paid in full prior to the date of delivery or set up unless otherwise agreed with us.


    1. When paying by instalments, if payment is not made on the due date, you shall be liable for a £15 fee per late payment. We reserve the right to debit any monies owed from your debit / credit card. If two payments are missed, we reserve the right to automatically cancel the booking and, depending on when the missed payments occur, you will be charged in accordance with the terms of the cancellation policy below.


  1. Cancellation


    1. If a cancellation is made, you shall be liable for:


  1. 33% of the total order value if the cancellation is up to 6 months prior to the event.


  1. 66% of the total order value refund if the cancellation between 6 and 3 months before event.


  1. The total order value if the cancellation is 3 months or less prior to the event.



    1. All cancellation charges will be deducted from your debit / credit card as applicable.


    1. Irrespective of when a cancellation is made, you will be liable for a £50 administrative fee (in addition to the above charges).


    1. All cancellations must be in writing to us.


  1. Delay


We shall not be liable to you for the delay or failure to provide any of the equipment or services as a result of:


  1. the site being unsuitable or access being unavailable on the date stated for delivery
  2. adverse wind or weather conditions
  3. loss or damage to equipment by fire or flood
  4. any industrial dispute, lock-out or strike
  5. any cause outside our control including traffic congestion


  1. Non-availability / supply of Equipment


    1. If for reasons beyond our control any item of equipment booked is not available for the period of hire, we reserve the right to substitute an alternative item to meet, as near as possible, your requirements. If we do so you will not have any claim against us. In the event that we cannot substitute suitable alternative sizes of equipment, we shall notify you of cancellation of the contract in which event any deposit or other monies paid by you will be refunded immediately, but otherwise no claim shall lie against us.


    1. Hire goods provided by us may in certain circumstances differ slightly from the photo images shown on our website, although every effort will be made to provide the goods as displayed in photo form on our website. We reserve the right to substitute articles of a similar nature.


  1. Delivery from Site and Collection from Site


    1. You must have the site available and in a suitable condition for the setup and collection of the equipment at the time we agree for delivery and collection.


    1. You should either be available personally or have a representative available at the site at the time stated for delivery and collection.


    1. You must check the Equipment delivered and sign the delivery note given to you (Delivery Note). If you are not present and do not have a representative at the site at the time of delivery, you will be deemed to have accepted and received the items specified in the Delivery Note.


    1. We will erect any Equipment in such a manner and location as we consider appropriate following, in so far as possible, any instructions supplied by you.


    1. If you require us to move any Equipment already delivered and set up for any reason you will be liable for an additional charge.


    1. If we are required to redeliver or collect as a result of you or your representative not being available at the delivery time or collection time arranged by us, you will be liable for an additional charge.


    1. Charges will be incurred for any additional journeys over and above the standard delivery and collection service which has been agreed between us.


    1. Equipment shall be supplied in full working order. Should you encounter difficulty in operating the equipment, we will not be held responsible for rectifying any problems whilst in your possession.


    1. Collection on the night of the event is charged at £25 if party finishes @ 00:00 or £50 if party finishes at 01:00am




  1. Parking


    1. It is your responsibility to ensure that suitable parking arrangements are made for both delivery and collection of goods. All parking fines incurred will be charged to you in full plus the current rate of VAT.


    1. Additional delivery and collection charges will be deducted from your debit / credit card as applicable.


  1. Ownership


All Equipment hired remains at all times our sole property. You may not sub-hire or part with possession of the Equipment and you may not allow any lien or encumbrance to be created over the Equipment.


  1. Insurance and Liability


    1. We have public liability insurance cover up to £10 million.


    1. Deliveries left at premises unattended are left at your own risk.


    1. Damage and breakages will be charged at full replacement cost.


    1. Additional delivery and collection charges will be deducted from your debit / credit card as applicable.


    1. In the event we have to take action to recover any monies owed to us by you pursuant to this contract, you shall indemnify us for our losses, including but not limited to debt recovery costs, legal fees and any other professional fees incurred. 




  1. Limitation of Liability


    1. In the event that we fail to fulfil any terms of the Hire Contract our liability is limited to a refund or cancellation of any hire charges.


    1. We shall not be liable for any inaccuracies in the measurements, calculations and / or other information provided by you.


    1. If traffic or other uncontrollable circumstances prevent us from being able to fulfil  our contracted obligations, our liability shall be limited to a refund of any monies paid in relation to the contracted event or a pro rata reduction in the hire fee in the event of a delayed start. No further compensation will be paid irrespective of any loss of earnings.


    1. Under no circumstances shall we be liable to you for any indirect, special or consequential loss or damage (whether for loss or profit or otherwise) cost expenses or other claim for compensation whatsoever whether caused by the negligence of ourselves, our employees or agents or otherwise which arise out of or in connection with the hire of the equipment and our entire liability under and in connection with the hire contract shall not exceed the amount of hire charges. This condition shall not apply to death or personal injury caused by our negligence.



  1. Care of Equipment 


    1. The Equipment can only be used in a careful and proper manner and shall not be used in any way that is inconsistent with our instructions or manuals. 


  1. Restrictions on Use


    1. You shall not:


  1. permit the Equipment to be used by any person who is not authorised to use such equipment;
  2. operate or use the Equipment or permit it to be operated or used in violation of law;
  3. operate or use the Equipment or permit it to be operated or used to commit a violation of law; and/or
  4. operate, use, maintain or store the equipment in a manner likely to cause damage to the Equipment.


    1. Any vandalism, wilful damage or neglect must be paid for in full at your cost. You will be responsible for the cost of any repairs needed, including transportation to and from the repairers and for any damage caused by misuse of the equipment, normal wear and tear excluded.


  1. Return of Equipment


    1. You shall prepare the Equipment for collection on the date agreed between us in the same condition as you received it, except for normal wear and tear.


    1. You shall not restrict access to the Equipment or a charge of £300 per day plus VAT shall be charged for late collection. If Equipment is not available for collection on said date, we reserve the right to take any action necessary to regain possession of the Equipment.


  1. Assignment


You may not, without our prior written consent, transfer or assign this Agreement or    any part thereof.  Any attempt to do so shall be a material default of this Agreement and shall be void.


  1. Insolvency

If you become insolvent, are made bankrupt or come to any arrangement or scheme with creditors, or if you breach any of these conditions, then we reserve the right to cancel the Hire Contract immediately and remove any Equipment delivered.


  1. Health and Safety


    1. We will not take any responsibility for damage caused by use of products and Equipment hired.


    1. An accepted and received delivery confirms that you are satisfied that products/ services have been delivered / set up to a safe and acceptable standard.


    1. We cannot be held responsible for any injuries caused to anybody using our Equipment. It is your responsibility to ensure the rules are adhered to under these Terms and Conditions.


    1. In the unlikely event of extreme weather conditions, we reserve the right to cancel any contract if we consider weather conditions might pose a risk to health and safety and/ or property. We shall not be held liable for any costs incurred by a cancellation.


  1. Inflatable Specific Terms & Conditions for Bouncy Castle


    1. A £50 refundable deposit will be added to the invoice. This shall be returned to you upon collection provided that there is no material damage or obvious stains on the inflatable.


    1. A responsible adult must supervise children and the inflatable at all times even when     switched off.


    1. No food, drinks, chewing gum, shoes, jewellery, glasses, badges, sharp objects, face paint, party poppers, coloured streamers, silly string, smoking, barbeques, pets, toys, sharp instruments, henna, are allowed by users on or near the castle.


    1. The following should be removed when using the bouncy inflatables: all footwear, dangerous objects such as pens, buckles, badges, necklaces and large earrings & sharp jewellery, spectacles or sunglasses, all personal items from pockets, loose, draped or dangling clothing. Children should be clothed appropriately.


    1. The bouncy castle must not be overcrowded and numbers must be limited     depending on age and weight restrictions/maximum usage/size of the children using it.


    1. If children are colliding into each other then it is too overcrowded. Any children playing in a dangerous manner (pushing/ colliding/ fighting) likely to cause injury or distress in others must be dealt with and removed immediately. Larger children must be segregated from the smaller ones. Different age groups should take turns. Any child taller than the inside walls are not permitted to use the inflatable.


    1. You should not allow the following to occur when the inflatable is in use: climbing, hanging, sitting on walls, overcrowding, leaning on the outside of the inflatable and/ or bouncing on the front safety step; somersaults, rough play/ play fighting, kicking, pushing or other acrobatic manoeuvres that may risk causing damage to a person’s head / neck / back or any other part of any person's body.


    1. When the castle is not in use it should be deflated. To avoid danger of suffocation, you must not allow anyone to be on the unit during inflation or deflation.


    1. In the event of adverse weather conditions, it is at our discretion as to whether the inflatable is installed or not. In the event that it cannot be installed, a full refund will be given for the castle. If the inflatable is the primary item, then any discounts applied for any secondary items will be taken off and the other items will be charged in full.


    1.  If wind speed reaches more than 21mph then the castle should immediately be      deflated and use stopped.


    1. The inflatable should not be moved or repositioned from the initial mutually agreed            placement position. This area should be kept clear and clean prior to delivery.


    1. Persons with a history of back and neck problems are prohibited from using the castle.


    1. It is your responsibility to ensure your guests do not use inflatables if their safety and wellbeing may be endangered due to the effects of: alcohol or drugs consumption, medical conditions (such as head/neck/back/mobility/balance problems) or if they are generally feeling unwell.


    1. Pregnant women should NOT go on the inflatable under any circumstances.


    1. A Health and Safety Indemnity form must be signed by you before the castle is   used. No liability can be passed on to us for any injuries sustained.


    1. You must ensure there is a first aider on site and provide participants with a detailed safety briefing.


    1. In the event of blower stoppage call 0333 370 3267 and an agent will guide you through the process to get it back online. The vent on the fan blower should be kept on and free of obstructions with the exception of the fan cover which should remain in place at all times.


    1. If the wind rises to a dangerous level or in the event of heavy or prolonged rain, the blower fan should be switched off and unplugged at the mains until the wind/rain has passed.


    1. The inflatable must be ready for collection in the same condition it was delivered - clean and dry (the weather may of course intervene). Any stains will be charged and deducted from the £50 deposit. Should any damage exceed £50 in value, you will be charged the excess.




  1. Hired items delivered by Courier


    1. All customers are subject to a credit check.


    1. A variable refundable deposit shall be added to the hire cost, (the amount stated in the quote) to be paid in full before hire items are delivered.


    1. The deposit shall be refunded upon return of the items provided there is no damage to them.


    1. Items shall be delivered to your chosen destination no later than 2 days before your event.


    1. In the unlikely event that any hire items arrive damaged, we shall deliver replacements before your event, if at our discretion it is reasonable to do so.  


  1. Collection


    1. After use, items must be packaged for return in the same way they were delivered; please refer to the instructions attached to the inside of each box on how to do so.


    1. If hire items are packaged incorrectly and damage occurs then you will be liable for any replacement costs.


    1. Our couriers will collect the hire items the day after the event (if a weekend event, this will be Monday).


    1. Should hire items not be available for collection by us the next day, you will incur charges as follows:


  1. 50% of the hire price if the hire items are only available for collection 2 days after the event.


  1. 100% of the hire price if the hire items are only available for collection more than 2 days after the event.


  1. If lost or damaged equipment is not paid for 2 days after the event then our weekly hire rate will be charged until the invoice is paid. This is 500% of the 1 day hire rate.


        20.5 These charges will be deducted from your debit / credit card as applicable.



  1. Miscellaneous Terms


If any provision of these terms shall be unlawful, void, or for any reason unenforceable under contract law, then that provision, or portion thereof, shall be deemed separate from the rest of this contract and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions, or portions thereof.


Hire My Photographer Terms & Conditions

1.1. All photographs taken during the client(s) event are at the photographer’s discretion although all necessary steps will be taken to comply with the client(s) requirements.

1.2. The photographer will not be held responsible should a venue restrict or inhibit the photographer’s access or views, especially during wedding ceremonies.

1.3. Due to a variety of lighting conditions and the limitations of digital sensors, some colours may alter throughout a set of photographs.

1.4. Although all necessary equipment checks are taken and emergency backup procedures are in place, the photographer will not be held responsible for photographs that could not be taken due to technical failure. Should an “off-site” replacement be required, the photographer will not be held responsible for photographs that could not be taken whilst the new equipment was in transit.

1.5. The photographer shall be granted artistic license in relation to the poses photographed and locations used. The photographer’s judgement regarding these matters shall be deemed correct.

1.6. The photographer shall endeavour to photograph all individuals as requested by the client(s) at some point during the event, but the photographer will not be held responsible should an occasion arise where somebody is left out.

1.7. Hire My Photographer shall be the solo professional (still) photographer at the time, date and venue(s) specified. Should there be a videographer present at your ceremony, they shall NOT supply you with any still images from the day, only video footage. Priority in relation to shooting locations and timings will be given to the photographer.

1.8. Any directions issued to the client(s), their guests or employees during a photographic shoot are deemed to be at said persons own risk. The photographer cannot be held responsible for any personal accidents during a photographic shoot.


2.1. The 1998 Copyright, Designs and Patents Act assigns copyright to Hire My Photographer – a trading name of Sweet Brothers Events LTD.

2.2.i. All photographs taken and produced by the photographer shall remain the property of Hire My Photographer. As the client(s) you are given the right within this contract to view and use the photographs taken during your event for personal use only. Should substantial evidence be found indicating the use of the photographs for anything other than personal use, you may have your right to view these photographs revoked at the photographer’s discretion.

2.2.ii. All digital negatives (computer files) remain the property of the photographer. On occasion, the photographer may supply a copy of the edited digital negatives to the client(s) for their own non-commercial use.

2.3. Hire My Photographer reserves the right to use any imagery from your wedding for advertising or promotional use, unless stated otherwise.

2.4. Photograph delivery time may vary depending on the company schedule at the time surrounding your event. Hire My Photographer will endeavour to produce and deliver your photographs to you in a minimum of 4 weeks, starting the day after your event date.


3.1. If the photographer is unable to attend your event for any circumstance out of their control, such as illness or family emergency, Hire My Photographer will endeavour to put you in contact with another photographer.

3.2. In the event of cancellation by the photographer, or in the very unlikely event of total photographic failure, liability shall be limited to a full refund of any fees paid by the client(s).


4.1. Hire My Photographer will store your name and wedding details on a private internal database. These details will not be made available to any company or individual outside of Hire My Photographer.

4.2. Should photographs taken at your wedding or event be displayed publicly, such as via a portfolio, your first names may be used as a title for such work displays.


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