Acrylic Seating Plan – Trio of Tablets with Wooden Mounts

Why Choose us?

When it comes to seating plans, we take extra care to ensure that your print has no mistakes. Unfortunately we can’t say this is the same for most suppliers. We’ve seen letters missing, names spelt incorrectly and damage to mirrors and tablets that the letters sit on. This is why we offer our free spell check & revision service before print.

We can help you design your table layout and make any amendments before print so there are no nasty surprises on your big day – all free of charge.

Our staff are well trained in the careful handling of our products that we take exceptional pride in delivering. This means that your seating plan will arrive as good as new on the day and you won’t have to worry about scuffed equipment turning up.


This trio of acrylic tablets makes for the perfect seating plan at your wedding. If you’re looking for something stylish and easy to navigate, this set up will not let you down.

While this style of seating plan blends naturally into whatever your wedding theme may be, the wooden mounts add a crisp finish to the modern feel.

A line of lit tealights at the base of the seating plan will add an extra dimension, creates ambience and gives more opulent feel to the room, especially as the lights start to dim.

Where can I use this?

Our acrylic seating plan tablets not only inform your guests but provides a stunning focal point for them to feast their eyes on throughout your day. A few areas we recommend to house the seating plan are:

  • Outside your wedding breakfast room
  • Inside your wedding breakfast room near the entrance
  • Drinks reception room

Why Choose us?

Unlike most wedding suppliers, we take extreme care with all of our products, especially our seating plans. We hand wrap each individual tablet at our warehouse and don’t lift the covers until they are in place at your venue  – something that can’t be said for most suppliers out there.


3ft x 1ft.

What’s Included?

Our Acrylic Seating Plan – Trio of Tablets with Wooden Mounts comes complete with the following:

  • 3 Acrylic Tablets
  • 10 Tealight holders
  • Tealights that will be lit for when your guests arrive
  • Vinyl lettering for your custom table & seating plan (this is placed on the tablets for you, each table continues on from the next)
  • Free spellcheck & revision service before print
  • Complete setup at venue free of charge

Installation Guide 

Our Acrylic Seating Plan – Trio of Tablets with Wooden Mounts will be set up at your specified area in your venue.

Tealights will line the table and will be lit for when your guests arrive.

If you wish to have rose petals scattered around the base of the tablets, please let us know.

The seating plan takes roughly 5-10 minutes to install.

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What are your payment terms?

Answer: We have a range of payment options both pre and post wedding. Pre Wedding In full 4% Discount (orders over £500) 50% deposit 50% 60 days before 50% Deposit remaining in instalments 30% deposit remaining in instalments £24.50 set up fee Can't afford the full deposit this month ? Don't worry you can secure your order with £1 and defer the deposit for upto 6 weeks. Post Wedding - 4 month interest free credit - Upto 36 months credit with our finance partner APR 17.7%

Do you install the equipment ?

Answer: Yes, our team generally install all the items you have ordered. Select items in our range are available on a dry hire basis which means you, your friends or family can set them up, you will be entitled to 20% discount on those items. e.g. Chair covers, Chair Sashes

How do I book you ?

Answer: All of our orders are secured over the telephone, where we take more details about your event, confirm your order and talk you through all of the paperwork.

How long do I receive the equipment for ?

Answer: All of our equipment is supplied on a 1 day hire. Generally equipment is installed before your guests arrive on the morning of your event.