Coconut Shy



Keep children and adults entertained all day long with this fairground classic.

Is your aim on point?

Knock all the coconuts off in one go for the ultimate brownie points!

Whats included

  • 5 metal poles
  • 5 Coconuts
  • 2 Poles + Hessian
  • 10 Hard Balls

With all Garden Games there is a £20 refundable deposit upon the return of all pieces.

Installation Guide

Installation Guide

Installation Guide

We deliver the Giant Garden Games to suit you, generally this is before your wedding ceremony or event starts.

Coconut shy has to be installed on Grass due to stakes that need driving through the ground and takes us roughly 15 minutes to set up.

To ensure guest safety the game will be set up pointing away from guest conversing areas.



Space required 2m x 3m (W x L)

Coconut poles are 1m tall each

Hessian is 1.8m tall

Payment Options

Payment Options

We know that planning a wedding isn’t cheap and that’s why we offer a variety of different payment options to suit your needs.

Our Payment Options

  • In full 4% discount
  • 50% deposit 50% 60 days before the event
  • Monthly instalments (15% deposit) £24.50 set up fee
  • Monthly instalments (50% deposit) Free

Credit Options Through PayPal

All of our credit options are pre-wedding. By partnering with PayPal we are able to offer you credit before and after your event.

  • 4 months interest free credit
  • Up to 36 months credit (interest charged)
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