Dancing On Clouds



Create an amazing atmosphere to both wow your guests and create lasting memories for your first dance.

How Our Low Level Fog Machine Works

The industry standard is to use dry ice machines. The problem with these are that the dry ice is expensive and the effect lasts around 8 minutes before restocking of the dry ice is needed. You should expect to pay no less than £250 for an 8 minute blast from a reputable supplier.

Industries are always looking for alternatives that save time and money. Luckily for you due to advances in technology an alternative has been found. Our low level fog uses a mix of distilled water and smoke fluid to create the same effect as dry ice.

What does that mean for you ?

The same effect can be created for you at a fraction of the cost. The second biggest thing is that instead of the effect lasting 8 minutes the effect can last for around 40 minutes before refilling is needed. 40 minutes is akin to a DJ using a normal smoke machine all night.

This means you can have the effect at various intervals through the night as appose to just for your first dance.