Giant Twister



There’s massive fun to be had with this giant Twister garden game which is designed for up to 30 players.

Throw the two giant inflatable dice to find out which part of your body you have to place on which colour flower.

“Get Knotted” up with other players to make the game more difficult for them. But beware, fall over and you’re out of the game.

A perfect game for parties both big and small.

Whats included

  • 1 x 3 x 3m twister mat
  • 2 x Inflatable Dice/ Twister spin table
Installation Guide

Installation Guide

We deliver Giant Garden Games to suit you, generally this is before your wedding ceremony or event starts.

Giant Twister takes roughly 5 minutes to set up.

Should there be excessive winds at the time of installation, inflatable dice will be replaced with a Twister spin table.



Dimensions – 3m x 3m

Payment Options

Payment Options

We know that planning a wedding isn’t cheap and that’s why we offer a variety of different payment options to suit your needs.

Our Payment Options

  • In full 4% discount
  • 50% deposit 50% 60 days before the event
  • Monthly instalments (15% deposit) £24.50 set up fee
  • Monthly instalments (50% deposit) Free
Pre Wedding – Monthly instalments
Order £  6 months  12 months  24 months  36 months
£250 from £41.66 p/m from £20.83 p/m from £10.42 p/m from £5.21 p/m
£500 from £83.32 p/m from £41.66 p/m from 20.83 p/m from £10.42 p/m
£750 from £124.98 p/w from £62.49 p/m from 31.25 p/m from £15.62 p/m
£1000 from £166.64 p/m from £83.32 p/m from 41.66 p/m from £20.83 p/m
£1500 from £249.96 p/m from £124.98 p/m from 62.49 p/m from £31.25 p/m
£2000 from £333.28 p/m from £166.64 p/m from 83.32 p/m from £41.66 p/m

Credit Options Through PayPal

All of our credit options are pre wedding. By partnering with PayPal we are able to offer you credit before and after your event.

  • 4 months interest free credit
  • Up to 36 months credit (interest charged)