18th October 2018

Top 3 Strategies to Get the Best Deal on Your Wedding Equipment and Avoid Fraudsters

Top 3 Strategies to Get the Best Deal on Your Wedding Equipment and Avoid Fraudsters

Here Are My Top 3 Strategies to Get the Best Deal on Your Wedding Equipment and Avoid Fraudsters!

There are so many strategies I could share with you if you want to get the most VALUE FOR MONEY and RELIABILITY when booking your wedding equipment.

Right now, in this blog post – I’m gonna share my top 3 with you…

3 of my favourite strategies to find value for money and reliability in the wedding equipment marketplace…

Strategies that will give you the most RELIABLE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK on your wedding day.

Let us begin…

Reliable Value For Money Strategy #1: Compare Recommended Suppliers

For many people – budget is a headache that won’t go away.

For brides to be – it can not only dictate how you organise your wedding day, it can also crush your expectations.

Honestly, if you want to be able to get real value for money and have the wedding day you dreamt of – you need to compare against the suppliers your venue recommends.

Many people completely ignore the wedding equipment marketplace or don’t know where to start.

Consider the fact that once you’ve booked, the venue has YOUR BOOKING and YOUR TRUST… they are going to want to get the most out of you – a recipe for POOR VALUE FOR MONEY.

It’s also a recipe for inflated prices on your hire to make a healthy profit.

The venue gets the equipment at a cheaper rate from the supplier – a you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours type scenario… they both win, but YOU do not.

By simply comparing your quotes you are allowing yourself to receive MORE VALUE FOR YOUR MONEY.

That’s gotta be a good thing, right?

5 of the best ways to compare your equipment quotes

  • If your venue is supplying it, get a different company to quote for it
  • Get numerous quotes for the same product, from at least 5 different suppliers
  • Use THIS Quote Tracker
  • Properly analyse what’s included… are the quotes “like for like”
  • Understand that cheaper quotes are not always the BEST quotes

I’m guilty of being the kind of person that’s happy with the FIRST REASONABLE price I see – mainly because I’ve got piles of other stuff to sort out… but trust me, it can catch up with you.

To get the BEST DEALS, you need to look at what’s included, as well as price.

Some recommended suppliers seem competitively priced, but at a harmful effect to what’s included.

Try giving yourself at least an extra 10 minutes to focus your attention on getting the best possible deal you can, and use the 5 strategies above.

You’ll be a happier bride if you do.

And your partner will be happier too.

Reliable Value For Money Strategy #2: Always Look for Package Deals

There’s a whole load of popular wedding equipment on our website.

It’s all available to hire from the same company, here at Sweet Brothers Events.

This is in stark contrast to most of the other equipment hire companies on the market that specialise in only ONE or TWO THINGS.

So when you hire from Sweet Brothers Events – you know you’re hiring all of your equipment from the SAME, RELIABLE supplier.

That’s gotta be a good thing, right?

Here’s where things get even better…

The more you spend with one particular company, the MORE VALUE FOR MONEY you’re going to receive.

So here’s the strategy…

Find a few companies that offer ALL or MOST of the wedding equipment you’re interested in.

Use THIS Package Deals Tracker to compare the packages they offer you.

Click Here to contact us or leave your details below and price the wedding day package of your DREAMS…

For many brides to be – this is the SIMPLEST, quickest and easiest way to get more value for money when hiring equipment.

Reliable Value For Money Strategy #3: Find Out Who You Are Dealing With

I have 2 simple tips to help discover WHO you are really dealing with.

They’ll help you distinguish the fraudsters from legitimate companies.

Doing the groundwork will take just a few seconds.

You’ll never have to worry about the security of your hire.

Your partner will thank you for spending your money wisely.

The Tips are:

  • Find the company on COMPANIES HOUSE – Ask for the businesses registered name (not their trading name) if they’re listed, they’re legitimate.


  • Always check reviews – Facebook, Yell, Google… Reading about peoples past experiences is the best way to know a company BEFORE you deal with them.

I do both EVERY TIME I get a quote from a company I’ve never dealt with.

You might like to do that.


You can start with your wedding equipment today.

Either way – you’ll like the results.


3 Strategies to get the best deals on your wedding equipment and avoid fraudsters!

  • Always compare quotes – especially ones recommended to you by your venue
  • Always look for package deals – generally, the more you buy from 1 company the bigger discounts you will receive
  • Always know who you are dealing with – use COMPANIES HOUSE and Internet reviews to help gauge your future supplier.

I’ll talk to you soon…


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